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We only use 100% Cotton Canvas, Why? Because the natural fibers of the cotton fully absorb the inks. Unlike Polyester of Polyester / Cotton mixes where the ink only rests on the surface. Also the 'spring' of the natural fibers of the canvas mean that the canvas will maintain its tension.
Looking for an image: Pick your size canvas, then use the Search icon on our editing page to find High Res Images from "Pixabay"or simply just upload your own images. (Not available in mobile mode)

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Classic Style. Your image will be wrapped over 38mm deep frames.

Create your own Canvas Prints Wall Art.
Save your memories from camera to canvas.

With our photo canvas hanging brackets already fitted free
to your canvas print, you can simply and quickly have your photo canvas hanging in seconds. Your walls proudly displaying your canvas wall art.
Our photo canvas prints are printed on 100% Cotton Canvas and don't require any varnishing so you can hang your canvas wall art anywhere. Sunlight won't glare the canvas print and because our photo canvas is produced using uv inks, they will last a life time with no fading.
We also use a protective tape at the back of all our canvas prints, protecting your walls from any minor scratches or marks